We believe, trust and agree with people we know and like. We like the people who like us. We like our own ideas. We don’t learn from people we don’t like and we don’t want to be associated with them. In fact we develop hatred against people we don’t like.

Joe Girard

Joe Girard, car salesman, who sold Chevrolets cars. He was the number one salesman for 12 straight years. Every day he worked, he sold 5 cars and trucks on average. He has been called as the greatest car salesman by the Guinness Book of World Records. How did he do this? Excerpt from Influence

For all his success, the formula he employed was surprisingly simple. It consisted of offering people just two things: a fair price and someone they liked to buy from. “And that’s it”, he claimed in an interview. “Finding the salesman they like, plus the price” put them both together, and you get a deal.

Each month he sent every one of his more than thirteen thousand former customers a holiday greeting card containing a personal message. The holiday greeting changed from month to month (Happy New Year or Happy Thanksgiving, etc), but the message printed on the face of the card never varied. It read, “I like you.”

Role Models

If you want to get better in life it is better to have role models you like. Why? If you admire/like your role model you will start to emulate them. In turn you will get their qualities. Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger benefited from Warren’s uncle Fred Buffett. Excerpt from the book Poor Charlie’s Almanack

One common, beneficial example for us both was Warren’s uncle, Fred Buffett, who cheerfully did the endless grocery store work that Warren and I ended up admiring from a safe distance. Even now, after I have known so many other people, I doubt if it is possible to be a nicer man than Fred Buffett was, and he change me for the better. There are large social policy implications in the amazingly good consequences that ordinarily come from people likely to trigger extremes of love and admiration boosting each other in a feedback mode. For instance  it is obviously desirable to attract a lot of lovable, admirable people into the teaching profession.

Thomas Edison dislike for Alternating Current

Thomas Edison was an inventor who had more than 2300+ patents. One of his inventions was Direct Current(DC). Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor who worked for Edison. He developed Alternating Current(AC) under Edison’s supervision. Tesla made the following points for AC

  1. It can illuminate light bulbs over greater distances.
  2. It could power gigantic industrial machines using the same electrical grid.

He also claimed that modern world require AC and he was right as AC could only provide the scale and scope needed for extensive use of electricity. How did Edison react? From The Upside of Irrationality

As a competitive inventor, Edison was not about to let the future of direct current be dictated by chance, so he started a big public relations campaign against alternating current, attempting to generate public fear about the competing technology. He initially demonstrated the dangers of AC by directing his technicians to electrocute stray cats and dogs, and used this to show the potential risks of alternating current. As his next step, he secretly funded the development of an electric chair based on alternating current for the purpose of capital punishment. The first person ever to be executed in the electric chair, William Kemmler, was slowly cooked alive. Not Edison’s finest moment, to be sure, but it was a very effective and rather frightening demonstration of the dangers of alternating curent.

If Edison behaved this way because of liking his own idea how would normal person like me behave? Watch the explaination given by Dan Ariely

Cross Group Disliking’s

Hindu – Muslims hatred has been around for several decades. The recent one which I remember happened in the year 2002 in the state of Gujarat. On 27th February 2002, Hindu Pilgrims returning by the Sabarmathi Express train from Ayodhya, were burnt alive in a railway coach. This in turn resulted in attacks against Muslims and communal riots on a large scaled across the state. In all more than 1000+ people got killed.

Israel – Palestinian conflict began in the early 20th century. Although these 2 groups have different religions, religious differences are not the cause of the conflict. It is a struggle over land.

The above two examples shows that grown up Adults are no different than Kids. Muzafer Sherif a social psychologist conducted an experiment with the boys of summer camp. The boys were separated into two residence cabins and it in turn stimulated “We vs They” between the groups. Excerpt from Influence

At this point, it was evident that receipt for disharmony was quick and easy. Just separate the participants into groups and let sit for a while in their own juices. Then mix together over the flame of continued competition and there you have it; cross group hatred at a rolling boil

Keep In Mind

  1. Benjamin Franklin wrote, Love your enemies, for they tell your faults.
  2. Focus on the point discussed and not the person who is making it.

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