Books recommended by Prof. Sanjay Bakshi

Jeff Bezos admires David Shaw and he once told that David is one of the few people I know who has a fully developed left brain and a fully developed right brain. If Bezos had met Prof. Sanjay Bakshi he would have told the same thing. I was extremely lucky to meet the professor yesterday. It was fascinating to see him effortlessly using ideas from multiple disciplines to answer my questions. During the meeting he recommended a lot of books which I am sharing in this post.

On Accounting and Finance

Accounting For Value
Financial Statement Analysis
Financial Shenanigans
Creative Cash Flow Reporting
Financial Warnings
Interpretation of Financial Statements

On Competition and Strategy

Book Cover

On Mental Models


On Neuroscience

The Brain changes itself
Wife for Hat


The future of the mind

On Science

The Singularity is near
The Selfish Gene
Deep Simplicity
The meaning of it all

On Writing

If you wan't to write
Bird by Bird
The Art of writing little
My name is red

On Convergence of Science and Spirituality

The Universe in a Single Atom
The Self Aware Universe

8 thoughts on “Books recommended by Prof. Sanjay Bakshi

  1. Thanks Jana for sharing the list. I m sure your meeting with Professor must hv been v interesting.

  2. Thanks for sharing this great list. I’m going to look into some of them straight away.

    I read Penman’s “Accounting for Value” last summer, and ended up ordering his textbook “Financial Statement Analysis and Security Valuation (5th Edition)”. If you’re serious about understanding financial statements, I recommend the latter. You get the same models, in much more detail and with many examples.

    • Andres,

      Yes professor also mentioned about the book Financial Statement Analysis and Security Valuation (5th Edition)”. I should consider reading that also.


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