Lecture Notes – Analyzing the financial statements of Alphabet Inc.

You can find my lecture notes on Analyzing the financial statements of Alphabet Inc. here. I will be delivering this lecture on Nov 14th.


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  1. I love the company and I recc. blog readers who are interested to watch PPFAS Rajiv speaking on Google and its Moat. I appreciate your post Sir.

  2. Taking the case of VC funding for Columbus, last 53 years made 88.24% of the total proceeds and one can reasonably expect that next 5-10 years would make as much (I can obviously calculate but for my point this would suffice). In such a case there can never be an ideal point to put your fingers in the compounding jar, so to say. The only way to look at it seems to be what you pull out will be an insignificant amount of the compounded value that it does not matter, In this case 50 billions may be pocket change when you are dealing with a few trillions…

  3. Hi Jana,

    I really enjoy reading your articles. But this link on “Analyzing the financial statements of Alphabet Inc.” is taking me back to the previous article on Joys of compounding.

    Can you please check or am I missing anything?


  4. Excellent article Jana !! Would you be analyzing the results of Homework problems in next lecture ?


  5. Hi Jana you are genius .you are making notes and clearing everything like a experienced professor .I really learned many things new from these notes .I always eagerly wait your article in my email and now waiting for your next notes/lecture as you have already disclose the title of same and feeling will be quite interesting.

    • Giriraj,

      Thanks for taking time to read the lecture notes. Appreciate your feedback.


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