On Note Taking

Few days back, my friend Anil Tulsiram tweeted about the importance of having a proper system in place while reading. I couldn’t agree more with what he stated. Reading more is useless if you can’t recall what you read. Click here to read the rest.


18 thoughts on “On Note Taking

  1. Great post. I keep a Google doc of all my notes, highlights from kindle etc which is a lot cruder, but I love being able to access it anywhere on the go. Very interested to look at devonthink and particularly the association functionality. Thanks.

    • Thanks Anil. Without your tweet I wouldn’t have extracted the key points and wrote this post. All the credits goes to you. Let me know how do you like the software. I know that Prof. Bakshi was using it in the past.


    • Jay,

      Thanks. I take notes on the book while reading. The problem with this approach is that it’s not searchable. While blogging I try to connect multiple things. For that I use Kindle and documents that I have in my laptop. I am considering augmenting my current methods with DevonThink or Brain.com.


  2. Hi Jana,
    I love to read blog posts written very carefully by you and owe you the debt of having learned so many things from you, be it apart from business an finance, science, chemistry, physics, IT and psychology. But nowadays you have decreased the pace of writing by posting fewer posts per month than earlier. Please share more of your knowledge with all of us more often as I impatiently wait for your new posts.


    • Harshit,

      Thanks for your comments. My average posts for the last couple of years hovers between 3 – 4 per month. Let’s see if I can continue that momentum going forward.


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