Three Bucket Framework

In the last four years, since I started reading voraciously, I have been collecting a private digital archive of quotes that I have found intriguing. I call these intriguing quotes as super-­paragraphs. Couple of months back, I came across a super­-paragraph which Peter Kaufman shared with Columbia Business School students. Click here to read the rest.

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  1. Thank you Jana. I came across Christopher Begg’s letters after you had referenced them in a previous post. They are truly remarkable and show the breadth of multi disciplinary thinking that is required to achieve even a modicum of success in life.

    Many thanks.

      • Hello sir,
        Your articles give great insights for many concepts.

        I just need help on your article named “WHY”

        In that article, discussion about Mr. Carl Bruan was made about his policy for 5 W.

        This guy has written one book or u can say an article named Objective Accounting – A problem of communication . I searched for that article but unable to dig it.

        Can you please help me with the same.

      • Thanks Shubham. If I get hold of that book then I will pass it to you.


  2. Hi Jana,

    It will be a delight to read about your system of organising your digital archive. Please write one when you can. Thanks.

  3. Hi Jana,
    I always look forward to your posts. Its very insightful.
    The “Three Bucket Framwork” is another gem from the many you have posted.
    Thanks keep up the good work.

  4. Jana, I thoroughly enjoy reading your articles. I share your passion for learning and understanding and it is a delight to see a blog that speaks to this aspect of our mental life. One of the thoughts that occurred to me was to organize every piece of our learning via mind maps. That way anything new that we learn gets linked to our previous knowledge and thus builds as a multi-dimensional chain which one-day might help us see the forest amongst the trees. I am curious to know if you have you come across any other system to organize your learning (besides mind-maps).

  5. Hi Jana,

    Thanks for another great post !! I have been eagerly waiting for your next post. You always share great ideas and list of great books with it

    Best Regards

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