Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise

I rarely buy the same book in three different formats [Physical, Kindle, Audible]. The recent one I made a triple purchase was for the book Peak. The book came out of a collaboration between a psychological scientist [Anders Ericsson] and a science writer [Robert Pool]. Together they spent 5 years to write this book. Click here to read the rest.


22 thoughts on “Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise

  1. Hi Jana,
    As always, thanks for your post. If you dont mind,could you share a book by an author focussed on the indian stock market to learn about finanical,valuation and intrinsic value.

  2. Another wonderful post from you Jana, as usual!!! In fact, I have just completed reading the book and have been reflecting upon it for the past few days. I have been pondering upon how we can implement deliberate practice in the field of investing. Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger have briefly touched upon various aspects like reading a lot, pattern recognition, mental representation, reinforcement etc. However if I had to describe clearly deliberate practice in investing to someone, I might not be able to do that. Would be great to know your views on this. Thanks. Oh and I enjoy all your writings a lot. Please keep up the wonderful work you are doing!

    • Thanks. Reflect on the sections ‘”Finding An Answer” and “The Top Gun Approach To Learning” and it might give you some ideas on how to customize deliberate practice for Investing. Also from the book Make it Stick read the story of an investor Bruce Hendry from the chapter “Get Beyond Learning Styles”. They will give you more clues.


  3. Hi Jana,

    As always wonderful read. So much to learn. Planning to read the book immediately.

    Your blog is one of the priceless source of wisdom & knowledge. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. All the best. God bless….!!

  4. Dear Jana


    Brilliantly summarized “PEAK”.

    You not only make it easy for those not into heavy reading but also simple. The tough job is deciphering long write ups into short summaries – the shorter the tougher.

    Keep enlightening!

    Appreciate much,


    Hiten Muchhala

  5. Great write up on the book. As always. But sometimes I wonder.. isn’t this the same thing as our grandfather used to tell us when we were young. Keep on practicing but in Punjabi or Hindi as ones parents local dialect. Reflecting on all these new self improvement books coming out…. Shouldn’t we Indians reflect on what our grandparents advice to us were and ponder on those. Jana iI would like to hear from you what your grandparents and parents used to advise yolet’s say when you were around 15-25 and how different is it from Peak and Buffets advice.

    • Hi Harinder,

      Excellent point. Yes our Grandparents, parents, and we as parents tell our kids to work hard and practice. Peak is not talking about this in abstract terms but showing us how with plenty of real life examples. Here are few things that I learned from this book.

      1. Why are we in plateau for a long time and how to address them.
      2. The importance of finding mistakes and fixing it early.
      3. What is homeostasis and how to challenge them.
      4. What is a mental representation and the importance of having a mentor to develop it.
      5. Why IQ doesn’t matter in the long run and why having a growth mindset is important.

      Advice from our ancestors are important. But I believe that there is a lot of value in books like Peak and we would miss out a lot if we generalize everything and equate it with our ancestral advices.


  6. Dear Jana ..Once again I’d love to say , You made my day. I did similar thing when I first read How to Think Clearly – Rolf Dobelli . Although I didn’t buy the book in different formats but I bought 8 copies and distributed it to my friends. PEAK falls on the same line I believe . Thanks once again

  7. Dear sir , I visited your son’s blog . One thing I liked was posts were arranged monthwise . Can you incorporate that feature here as well . It can help us find each article . Regards .

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