Knowledge Begets Knowledge

I read the book Thinking Fast And Slow for the first time in 2012. I managed to read 25 percent of the book with reasonable comprehension. After that my understanding started to dip and I stopped reading. I felt miserable and thought I was dumb and that’s why I couldn’t understand it. I read the same book again in 2013. This time I was able to read the book completely with excellent comprehension. What changed? Click here to read the rest.

10 thoughts on “Knowledge Begets Knowledge

  1. Thank you Jana. Immersion in a subject to increase familiarity has definitely helped me improve my learning speed.

    Many thanks.

  2. I cant believe how similar our quest for wisdom is! I am mesmerized by the similarities of our pursuit and thought in general on it. Thanks for taking the step of writing Jana.

  3. Going by the same theory, Laziness and people shutting out themselves could also be the effects of evolution then! Your thoughts Jana?

  4. Hi Jana

    Nice blog you have here . Just needed some help around different sectors in an economy

    You said you cannot track 500 companien out there but you can definitely narrow down those companies into sectors and read about those secrets and get a fair idea of what that company is how it is making money when does it loose money
    Can you help me with some book or articles or website where I can read abt it

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