Both up and down revert to mean

Cliff Devries has lived half his life with total paralysis on his right side. 20 years ago, doctors found a 6-inch tumor near his brain. Surgery left him paralyzed from the neck down. After months of hard work, he regained use of his left side. Click here to read the rest.

14 thoughts on “Both up and down revert to mean

  1. I am coping with severe breathing,but I do not rely on convential medicines,I do lot of meditation in other words relaxation.i have slowed down my breathing and undergoing condition is very bad but I know. I will overcome.thank you for the post it really helps.

  2. Wonderful post. Enjoyed it very much. Thank you! A tangential thought – I haven’t read much by Nietzsche but I wonder why he thought there cannot be an abstract meaning to life and a specific mission for an individual. Are those antithetical ideas?

    • Thanks, Vivek. I don’t know what he means by abstract in this context. My guess is that it is harder to come up with a plan and measure progress for abstract things.

  3. Thanks Jana for this post. It is really helpful and thoughtful. I observed that , these kind of posts really refreshes us and keep going in our most coveted endeavors. Fantastic……

  4. Wow!!So well written.
    Here is the question-
    So for every new goal there will be a new S curve, a new struggling and a spike in happiness. Once you accomplish many goals (assuming you do-and you fail less, that’s why masters praise failures I guess) aren’t goals themselves become part of S curve and stop generating S curves?
    So do I aim to be in that spike zone more often or change my thinking model and get to comfort zone knowing this is expected?

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