Saurabh Madaan joins Markel Corp

The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more. This was told by Charlie Munger. My close friend Saurabh Madaan made me and countless other human beings wiser by organizing world famous Google Value Investors Talk. Saurabh has been doing this for many years, without expecting anything in return. Saurabh’s work reminded me of a talk Mohnish Pabrai and Guy Spier at Stanford Business school in 2015.

The core theme of the talk was centered around the concept of giving without expecting anything in return.  Guy drew a chart on the board, which I redraw below with my own annotations. Guy told the group to be a giver without expecting anything in turn. In the first few years one won’t see much happening to their goodwill account. But as years progress, goodwill snowballs and starts to grow exponentially. This is what happened to people like Warren Buffett.

The same compounding effect is happening to one of my best friend Saurabh Madaan. I am extremely happy to know that he is joining Markel Corp as Managing Director reporting to Tom Gayner to oversee Markel’s investment portfolio [link]. From the bottom of our heart, the deep dive group wish him all the very best.




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  1. Google Value Investing Talks are great. Touching gratitude you expressed for your friendship here. Do you know if of the Stanford talk is public?

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