My mind wanderings on learning and thinking

I was waiting in line to meet the doctor. It was a long wait. To kill time, I let my mind wander on learning and thinking. I captured my thoughts on my iPhone. This is what came out of my wanderings. Click here to read the rest.

8 thoughts on “My mind wanderings on learning and thinking

  1. Thank you Jana for sharing your wanderings. Life is all about learning, unlearning & relearning’. While i continue to learn a lot, i struggle with unlearning. Any thoughts on how one goes about it?

    • Thanks. Don’t fall in love with what you know. Have faith and with time you should be able to relearn the new idea. The idea is very similar to reverse bicycle:


  2. Nice article Jana, your articles are very helpful.
    followed the problem solving article and maintaining the track sheet(what gets tracked gets improved), started to notice the changes already.
    Thanks for the wonderful work on sharing the knowledge, your articles are simple, crisp and clear.
    Fan of you 🙂

    • Thanks, Surendra. Glad to know that you found my writings useful.


  3. Hi. Your latest post, i guess there is an error, it would be scared right, though it is sacred there, i guess. Anyway, nice blog. DIDNT knew that a non self hosting blog also can do this much good and attract traffic. Way to go! 🙂

    • Glad to know that you found the blog useful. You are right. It should be scared. Thanks for pointing it out.


  4. Dear Sir

    I am following on you on twitter and blog and your insight are very helpful and I have query in which I need your help

    This question is going on my mind and would need your advise looking at your vast experience on the stock investment

    I have small equity portfolio which is constructed around 10 to 12 stocks with decent allocation

    I don’t need the fund till 5 year perspective and confused about strategy which I should follow

    I have conviction to hold on to the stock for 3 to 5 years but during the above tenure there are occasions which comes wherein I am getting the return of 30 to 35% in the intermediate period which could be 3 to 9 months from the purchase date – should I go ahead and book profit partially and pocket the profit as I have gone through the process wherein if the profit is not booked then often stock comes down due to market drawdown and loose on the opportunity to book the profit in short term when market has provided the opportunity and after pocketing the profit enter the same stock when opportunity arrives

    As all wealth creation material says that 25% cagr is more than sufficient for huge wealth creation and in current scenario booking profit also entails giving 15% to government in the form of taxes

    Or should one follow the strategy of not booking the profit and continue holding the share ignoring various market opportunities to book the profit.

    I would like to dabble in between those 10 to 12 stock universe from long term perspective

    Here I am not talking about the losses.

    Above scenarios reflects two different approaches and I would request you to please guide me the practical way to go about it as my intention is long term wealth creation

    Also would appreciate if you have some articles or presentation specifically on the portfolio allocation and strategies around the same


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