On Internship

I am a big believer in exposing teenagers to different kinds of learnings outside of their school curriculum. This would let them learn new things, develop unique perspectives, and acquire worldly wisdom. Click here to read the rest.

2 thoughts on “On Internship

  1. Jana, I really enjoyed this post about encouraging your son in his own interests. I was impressed with the books your so read, and the short reaction papers / reviews he wrote about each book. I’ve noticed that whenever I write a short review of a book, it really helps to consolidate my thoughts , and I can see that it’s done the same for your son. As a teacher and a parent, I really enjoy and support your positive and supportive parenting style.

    • Hi Lynne,

      Thanks for reading the post and sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it. The idea of giving exposure to kids via internships is very powerful. It lets them break the silos and get diverse perspectives.

      +1 on summarizing the book to solidify the key concepts better.


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