7 thoughts on “Indian Investing Conclave Presentation

  1. Awesome 3 buckets’ article! Surprised to learn that even in India over three year period majority of the equity funds underperformed the Index!

  2. Hi Jana,
    Very nice presentation. Have been enjoying your writings – A fan!! Please keep writing and speaking.

    On slide 6 – please share the youtube link of William Green and the investor. Not able to find that easily.

  3. Hello Jana.
    Thanks for the amazing presentation, humility and insight. Have learnt a lot from you.

  4. Hi Jana,
    Simple and wonderful presentation. I am a learner of value investment process. In the presentation you mentioned about your internship in india. If possible, can you please share your learnings with an example.
    It would be of great help to people like me.


  5. Excellent presentation thanks Jana. Would like to attend the conclave next year. Are you in india? Would like to meet you.

    REGARDS Dr.R.V. Murali


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