11 thoughts on “Healthy Eating and Intermittent Fasting

  1. Nice crisp learning about body metabolism. Thanks for sharing. Possibly you can add “Glucagon” references, which acts opposite of Insulin, and is the trigger hormone to convert FFA to glucose.

  2. Impressive PPT.
    The insulin mechanism is not that simplistic to be correlated to feed periods. Also there is a balancing glucagon mechanism.
    Fasting is caloric restriction also achieved through natural veggies consumption .
    Insulin effectiveness is because of a biokey given by our Gut Bacteria, hence not efficient when injected directly.
    PPT similar to mainstream medicine analysis.
    Every Human is different, also changing every moment.
    The processing in the body is done majorly by the Gut Microbiome, which is not being taken care of in today’s world, rather getting depleted by modern interventions.

  3. Thank you for the presentation. Is fasting the only solution? Why wouldn’t autophagy kick in with prolonged exercise like a marathon?

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