My presentation on personal finance

Recently, I taught a course on personal finance to executive admins in my company. The goal was to teach them: (a) the power of compound interest (b) the dangers of credit card debt and how to get out of it (c) how to develop the habit of saving (d) how to think about investing. I am sharing the presentation in this post. If you find them useful, do share it with others.

6 thoughts on “My presentation on personal finance

  1. I have always learnt something from you.
    This slides ,I would understand what you want to tell, but persons whom I like to forward won’t understand it.
    If you have a video of the seminar or voice recording of it , then please put that link.
    If not then please next time record the session. It would be easy to understand.

  2. Hello Sir,
    Thank you for such rich content. Your self notes are of immense help for an aspiring investor like me. Please do keep writing and sharing.

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