3 thoughts on “My presentation to FLAME University students on How To Take Smart Notes

  1. Many thanks for the presentation. I am not a student in that sense. I am a stock broker in India under the trade name Vimal & Sons, but I am still a student! I started using Zettelkasten last September. And I also use Anki for spaced repetition and I’ve been using it since the last 4 years. I was surprised you didn’t mention Anki. Some of my friends told me that my process was ‘cluttered’. And, I argued that it wasn’t. So, your presentation came was come kind of ‘confirmation bias’ of the type that I needed. And I hadn’t read the book ‘Make it Stick’ either. So, thanks for all of that.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Yashodhan Khare
    Vimal & Sons – Member NSE
    020-25673566 / 2464

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