My presentation on personal finance

Recently, I taught a course on personal finance to executive admins in my company. The goal was to teach them: (a) the power of compound interest (b) the dangers of credit card debt and how to get out of it (c) how to develop the habit of saving (d) how to think about investing. I…

Thoughts on NPA

Tamal Bandyopadhyay is a prolific writer, has a knack for explaining difficult banking concepts using simple words. If you’re interested in learning about HDFC Bank, then I highly recommend his book A Bank for the Buck. Recently, I read his book From Lehman to Demonetization, which gives the lay of the land of what happened…

The Joy of Search

Even though I buy a lot of books from Amazon, I have the habit of going to physical bookstores at least once a month. I spend time flipping through books, reading a few random paragraphs, and occasionally buy if it piques my curiosity. Click here to read the rest.

Note to self

Life is made up of ups and downs. We all wish to have a life full of ups and low-to-no downs, but what we get is not in our hands. However, how we react to them is entirely under our control. Click here to read the rest.


Imagine Thanos snapping his finger and wiping out human species. An alien comes to our planet and examines the front door of several houses. What would it conclude? Click here to read the rest.

The idea of servanthood and putting teams first

Can we trick our brain into attaching a rubber hand as its own? Rubber Hand Illusion, as shown in the video, rewires our brain to accommodate the new rubber hand. If our brain can be rewired to accommodate a rubber hand, then can we change it to go beyond the limit of its physical body…

Key ideas for successful investing

Pranesh Srinivasan, a close friend of mine, is an engineer working at Google building intelligent and super fast systems to answer all the world’s questions. Pranesh attended my value investing class, almost four years back, and that’s how I got introduced to him. Truth said I learned more about investing and other disciplines from him.…