Wonderla Holidays

Wonderla Holidays is in the amusement park industry. An amusement park is a collection of rides and activites to entertain a large group of people. I spent sometime studying the business model of Wonderla. Click here to read the rest. Advertisements

Learning from Ed Thorp

In 2017 DJCO meeting, Charlie Munger recommended Ed Thorp’s autobiography A Man For All Markets to his cultists. Munger also told that Thorp was a very smart man and a mathematician with a high IQ. Click here to read the rest.

Indian Investing Conclave

Indian Investing Conclave conducted an online session a couple of weeks back. In it 16 well known investor presented their investing philosophies. I spent sometime listening to the session and took detailed notes of 10 sessions. If there are errors in the notes, then it’s because of my negligence. Click here to read the rest.

Deep Dive

Jeff Bezos admires David Shaw and he once told that David is one of the few people I know who has a fully developed left and right brain. Click here to read the rest.

Keep It Simple

I am a big fan of Matt Brice writings. Why is that? He keeps it simple and focuses on key variables that actually matters. Matt penned the following lines and it made me to jump up and down in joy. Click here to read the rest.

Break it down and reason up

Few weeks back I was watching Jeff Bezos being interviewed by Charlie Rose. In it Bezos explained why space travel is expensive and what needs to be done to make it affordable. Bezos explained it by breaking down the constituents of rocket. And reasoning up by using first principles, which is the physics way of…

Narayana Health

Average age of heart surgery in the UK is 65 but 45 in India. There is a need for conducting 20 lakh heart surgeries in India. But only 1.2 lakh heart surgeries are conducted. There is a lot of unmet demand. Why is that? Click here to read the rest.