On Scuttlebutt

I am continuing with my endeavor of listening to Berkshire AGM while commuting and before falling asleep. I wrapped up with 1998 today. The topics discussed in the AGM are multidisciplinary ranging from business, investing, learning, and life. I am enjoying it like a kid in the candy store. Last time I came across a…


Let us time travel to 1970. You’re sitting on the shores of Marina Beach. You are 35 years old, self-employed, having a family with two kids. You are working hard and saving up money to construct a home. It might take a decade or two to realize your dream to own a home. Click here…

What to look for while reading the annual report?

I have been developing a new habit for the last ten days. What’s that habit? I have been listening to Berkshire’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) starting from 1994. How long will I take to complete it all?¬†There are 25 AGMs, and each one would be 5 hours long. If I spend 1.5 hours on average…

Kotak Mahindra Bank

Suppose you were lucky to have Uday Kotak as your friend. It was November 1985, and Uday Kotak knocks on your door and offers you to invest one lakh rupees with him. Knowing him personally, you decided to partner with him. Click here to read the rest.

Nothing new under the sun

Peter Bevelin is a master in extracting critical passages from great books. He organizes these key passage into themes. Some of the advantages of the theme-based organization are easy lookup, easy recall, and it helps our associative brain as themes act as the central node on which we can hang other ideas and experiences. Click…

Three bucket framework to Investing

For Value Investing Almanack, Anshul Khare asked me the following question: “Being a value investing disciple and also working in a company which is at the bleeding edge of technological disruption, how has your investing style evolved in last five years?”.¬†Click here to read the rest.

Beautiful Investment Analysis

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson went on a camping trip. They pitched their tent under the stars and went to sleep. In the middle of the night, Holmes woke Watson up and started a conversation. Click here to read the rest.