Bajaj Finance

Sometimes being late to a party might workout very well in your favor. Indian economy grew at a high rate of 9.5 percent from 2005 to 2007. Money was cheap and inflation was low. Click here to read the rest.

Indian Banks – Lay of the Land

A kid went to his father and told that he scored 10th rank in his class. His father being a rational man asked, how many students are there in your class? To which his son responded: 10. Jokes aside, there is an important lesson to learn. Click here to read the rest.

Edelweiss Financial Services

I have been using Google Docs to do my writeup for analyzing companies. For the first time I used Scrivener to do my analysis. I enjoyed writing on Scrivener as it allowed me to focus on individual pieces. And not worry about the document layout. Moving around content is a piece of cake. It’s a perfect tool for…

Reflections On Piramal Enterprises

I started investing in the stock markets [both US and India] from 2006. I never believed in picking individual stocks as I was heavily influenced by John Bogle’s writings. I took a passive route to investing by dollar cost averaging in index funds. Click here to read the rest.

On Lending Business – 1

For a software engineer like me it has been a constant struggle to understand the financial statements of lending businesses like banks and NBFCs. Early this year, I came across this book which improved my knowledge on lending businesses leaps and bounds. Few days back my friend Vishal analyzed the annual report of a lending company. You can…

Repco Home Finance

Abraham Maslow was an American psychologist who was well known for creating Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid. He studied the behaviors of exemplars like Albert Einstein. And wanted to understand why some people could attain such unbelievable heights, while so many others continue to struggle. He explained this difference with hierarchy of humans needs pyramid.…

Shriram Transport Revisited

Last year I wrote about the business model of Shriram Transport Finance (STFC). You can read about it here. At that time I liked the business model of the company. But I did not purchase the stock. In the last few weeks the company lost 40% of its market capitalization. This piqued my interest and I took another…