Bajaj Finance

Sometimes being late to a party might workout very well in your favor. Indian economy grew at a high rate of 9.5 percent from 2005 to 2007. Money was cheap and inflation was low. Click here to read the rest.

Indian Banks – Lay of the Land

A kid went to his father and told that he scored 10th rank in his class. His father being a rational man asked, how many students are there in your class? To which his son responded: 10. Jokes aside, there is an important lesson to learn. Click here to read the rest.

Edelweiss Financial Services

I have been using Google Docs to do my writeup for analyzing companies. For the first time I used Scrivener to do my analysis. I enjoyed writing on Scrivener as it allowed me to focus on individual pieces. And not worry about the document layout. Moving around content is a piece of cake. It’s a perfect tool for…

Reflections On Piramal Enterprises

I started investing in the stock markets [both US and India] from 2006. I never believed in picking individual stocks as I was heavily influenced by John Bogle’s writings. I took a passive route to investing by dollar cost averaging in index funds. Click here to read the rest.

On Lending Business – 1

For a software engineer like me it has been a constant struggle to understand the financial statements of lending businesses like banks and NBFCs. Early this year, I came across this book which improved my knowledge on lending businesses leaps and bounds. Few days back my friend Vishal analyzed the annual report of a lending company. You can…