Imagine Thanos snapping his finger and wiping out human species. An alien comes to our planet and examines the front door of several houses. What would it conclude? Click here to read the rest.

Three Bucket Framework

In the last four years, since I started reading voraciously, I have been collecting a private digital archive of quotes that I have found intriguing. I call these intriguing quotes as super-­paragraphs. Couple of months back, I came across a super­-paragraph which Peter Kaufman shared with Columbia Business School students. Click here to read the…


One of my favorite quotes is — A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I am using this quote to signify a milestone that I will be reaching today. I am writing my 200th post and it took me 3 years to reach this milestone. Click here to read the rest.

The Brain That Changes Itself

Frederick had a massive stroke when he was in his mother’s womb and his entire left side of the body was affected. He could not crawl nor walk and could not talk until he was three years old. An MRI scan revealed that 25% of his brain was dead. He made some progress using conventional…


Our universe got created 13.7 billion years ago. Consider the following data point to get a sense of how big our universe is. From Earth, light takes 1.29 seconds to reach Moon 8 minutes to reach Sun 322 minutes to reach Pluto 93 billion years to reach the edge of Universe Where did everything come…