Before I Go to Sleep

Every time I read The Little Book of Talent there’s something new to learn. While rereading the book few days back, I came across the paragraph given below.

Think of your windshield as an energy source for your brain. Use pictures (the walls of many talent hotbeds are cluttered with photos and posters of their stars) or, better, video. One idea: Bookmark a few YouTube videos, and watch them before you practice, or at night before you go to bed. – The Little Book of Talent

On the same day Prof. Bakshi shared a tweet showing the benefits of reading a random passage from a “super text” before going to sleep. The message shared by him is given below.


When exemplars like Daniel Coyle and Prof. Bakshi gives an advice it’s our duty to act on their advice. For the last few days I have been acting on their advice. I do the following before going to sleep (1) pick up a “super text” from my kindle library and read a random passage (2) watch a “super video” from my youtube library. Over the last two years, since I started blogging, I have been collecting a lot of youtube “super videos”. In this post I am sharing them with you so that we can all become a bit wiser while sleeping.

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  1. Very interesting blog. Thanks, Jana. It is the period of dreamless sleep which refreshes one. Hence, reading or watching something just before you go to the sleep, which will churn thoughts (dreams?) may not be a good idea. Soothing spiritual reading, visuals of nature, gentle music, or, yoga nidra/meditation, would be a better option for deep sleep which could inspire creativity and clarity on the subsequent day.

  2. Thanks JANA for sharing your wisdom and assisting all the fellow members to become a bit wiser than the previous day.

  3. Dear Jana …. Thank you very much for constantly sharing and raising our level of understanding and knowledge . I want to add one thing here . Jose Silva did some good work on Mind Power . His books you may find useful . One such book is ” SILVA MIND CONTROL METHOD OF MENTAL DYNAMICS “

  4. Hi Jana, Thanks a lot for sharing such a wonderful article. I hope to read and watch a super video each day starting from today before my bedtime too.. This is really inspiring for all people who want to excel and succeed in their life. Thanks again

  5. Would like to discuss some details about a company if you’re open to it. Looking forward to a mutually fruitful exchange. Thanks.

  6. jana -very grateful for your diligence in updating. everytime you update this blog, I pick up a cue and read from that – these days, I pick up audio books from youtube = convert them into mp3s and listen to them in my car. It’s a double booster – no worries on traffic but what can be better than having charlie munger as your co-passenger. Thanks and keep going mate

    • Varadha,

      Thanks and that’s a very smart idea. This is what I do with a super text (1) listen the audio book (2) and read a physical or kindle book at the same time (3) blog it. This will make your understanding deeper.


  7. great idea about reading or watching a super video before bed. This is enjoyable! One thing I might suggest: if it is after 9pm, wear sunglasses to watch the video. That may sound crazy, but the video can be very bright and perhaps interfere with the normal hormonal changes needed for deep sleep. Wearing sunglasses prevents this. Health and wealth!

  8. Apologies, here’s the question:
    After it became public information that Prof. Bakshi’s fund had invested in Ambika Cotton I spent some time going through the annual reports and doing some research. I wasn’t able to find any information on it’s customers. Who do they sell to? The obvious answer is textile manufacturers. But there are no specific names to understand the business and the industries they cater to. Other than numbers of the last few years, what other evidence or facts does one look for to see earnings visibility? Is there a way to find this information without speaking to management?

    Would appreciate your thoughts/views/suggestions. Thanks.

    • Nikhil,

      I believe if a single customer constitutes more than 10% of sales then the company should disclose it in their annual report. As they haven’t disclosed it one can assume that Ambika Cottons doesn’t have customer concentration risk.

      To find out who their customers are I would do the following (1) listen to their conference call in Research Bytes (2) check the investor presentations (3) check if anything is mentioned in other analysts reports (4) check in high quality forums like valuepickr


  9. Wonderful post!

    Could you please make your playlist available to everyone who, perhaps searches for your name? Or is there a better way?


  10. Hi Jana,

    Thank you for the amazing analysis that you present every other week. Can you suggest couple of books from where i can start learning value investing.

    Best Regards, Hiren

  11. Hi Jana,
    As usual you have come up with a very informative idea. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing your ideas. God bless.


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