A Gentle and Practical Introduction To Value Investing

On March 2013, my wife asked me – “You’re reading a lot. Why don’t you share your knowledge with others by writing”. That simple nudge from her made me to write my first post – The Joys Of Compounding. After 2.5 years I’m writing my 183rd post. Writing for 2.5 years helped me to learn the concepts deeply. More than that it helped me to rediscover myself. And I thank my wife for her nudge. Almost an year back Prof. Bakshi tweeted a picture on learning which is shown below.


The line – ‘We Learn 95% of what we teach to others‘ got seared into my brain. And I was reflecting on that line for almost an year. If writing for 2.5 years helped me to learn so much then what if I teach others for the rest of my life? After a lot of thought I have decided to teach to learn better.

What am I going to teach  - A Gentle and Practical Introduction To Value Investing
Where am I going to teach - Somewhere in South Bay Area; Library or City Hall.
Dates                     - Oct 31st, Nov [7, 14, 21], Dec [5, 12].
Time                      - 1 - 4 p.m.
How much does it cost     - $0.
Is there a hidden agenda  - No. It's my passion for teaching & curiosity to learn more.
Mode of delivery          - Offline. Detailed lecture notes will be blogged.
Total attendees           - 10; I already handpicked 5 of them.

I have 5 more slots open. If you’re interested to attend the course send me an email. It’s first-come-first-serve. I’m putting my heart & soul into this. If you’re planning to attend make sure you stay committed throughout the course.

55 thoughts on “A Gentle and Practical Introduction To Value Investing

  1. Jana,

    I request you to share the transcript of your lectures on the blog if possible.
    Another possible way could be of recording (audio/video) the lectures.



  2. Sarvdeep,

    Before each lecture a detailed writeup (no powerpoint) will be blogged.
    Since this is my first attempt I stay away from audio/video recordings.


  3. This is absolutely amazing. If only you had done this in India/Mumbai, I would have signed right away !! Wondering if you can share your lecture notes, etc. later. All the best !!

  4. Best wishes. Will it be available on you tube? Where I can watch ? Kindly let me know



    • Thanks Murali,

      It’s an offline course. And I will share my detailed writeup on each lecture.


  5. great intiative…….always been a joy reading ur posts…………hope to become a little wiser from ur upcoming teachings…..thnks for ur effort.

  6. Not a single day goes by without visiting your site for new posts. Thanks for this one. Looking forward for lecture notes.

  7. I wish you all the best Jana. I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while and I’ve learned immensely from your writings. Thank you.

    Kind regards,

  8. Hi Jana,

    Thats a great initiative and I sincerely wish you conduct as many classes as your blogs. Wish I could attend it.. I am in Mumbai.. If you have any workshop in Mumbai rest be sure of one participant…

  9. good luck , thanks for sharing your thoughts , as I always I look forward to your blogs which are enlightening

  10. I have a question regarding this excellent lecture. Thank you for the thorough presentation of ROE and ROIC. Taking that into account, how does one then value the business in terms of how much he/she should pay for it (or for its stock)? Any quick answer would be great or pointing me in the direction of a lecture/book would be much appreciated. Thank you again. Great Blog.

  11. Thank you sharing a great lecture. I have one follow up question. Taking into consideration the ROE and ROIC calculations, how does one value a business to assess how much he or she should pay for it (or for its stock. Any quick comments or pointing me in the direction of a book would be much appreciated. Thank you very much for hosting a great site.

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