Indian Investing Conclave

Indian Investing Conclave conducted an online session a couple of weeks back. In it 16 well known investor presented their investing philosophies. I spent sometime listening to the session and took detailed notes of 10 sessions. If there are errors in the notes, then it’s because of my negligence. Click here to read the rest.

11 thoughts on “Indian Investing Conclave

  1. I doubt understanding and summarizing this way even if I have attended. Thanks Jana for your wonderful notes and of course for sharing 😉

  2. It is a treat reading through Ur notes. Any notes on Pankaj Gupta’s idea. I liked it as it is different from that of others. If possible summarise.

    • Thanks Jana, I was looking forward for this, since I missed the event due to some prior commitments.
      Very well captured.

  3. Many Thanks Jana. It is very useful for me as an Amateur to understand the presentation of each well known investors. Great initiative but this notes is really awesome to everyone. As always, keep up your good work of sharing.

  4. Thank You Sir for sharing your notes.
    Hoping to gain new info from the investment ideas of the presenters.

  5. Dear sir,

    This notes are aswm, but if possible than remain person’s pick notes can we get?

    If possible than share its to helpful for small investor.

    Thanks for this notes.

    Thanking you

    Regards, Amit

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