What gets measured gets improved

A wise man showed the image below to me and a few others. He told us the following. To be successful in any pursuit one needs to work hard and keep improving a tiny bit every day. What matters the most is not the magnitude of daily progress. But tiny progress over long periods of…

Both up and down revert to mean

Cliff Devries has lived half his life with total paralysis on his right side. 20 years ago, doctors found a 6-inch tumor near his brain. Surgery left him paralyzed from the neck down. After months of hard work, he regained use of his left side. Click here to read the rest.

Problem Solving

Why are some people good in problem solving? Is it nature or nurture? Are there any tricks or gimmicks that we can used to become an effective problem solver? Click here to read the rest.

Learning from Ed Thorp

In 2017 DJCO meeting, Charlie Munger recommended Ed Thorp’s autobiography A Man For All Markets to his cultists. Munger also told that Thorp was a very smart man and a mathematician with a high IQ. Click here to read the rest.

Deep Dive

Jeff Bezos admires David Shaw and he once told that David is one of the few people I know who has a fully developed left and right brain. Click here to read the rest.

Break it down and reason up

Few weeks back I was watching Jeff Bezos being interviewed by Charlie Rose. In it Bezos explained why space travel is expensive and what needs to be done to make it affordable. Bezos explained it by breaking down the constituents of rocket. And reasoning up by using first principles, which is the physics way of…

Four years of blogging and some golden nuggets

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. This is very true when it comes to my habit of blogging. Four years back I wrote my first blog post: The Joys Of Compounding. Today I am writing my 221st post. Blogging helps me to read a lot, learn things deeply, share knowledge, and network…