19 thoughts on “Final Lecture Note – It’s Not Easy

    • Thanks Guru. Publishing a book takes a lot more effort. May be in future I might do one on Kindle.


  1. Sure Jana , But this document is absolutely a must for beginners and intermediates. I have not come across any book which covers all the complex topics with such simplicity. Kudos

    • Thanks Guru for the nice words. I don’t have any excel templates. All I did was to get the numbers from the annual reports and analyze.


  2. Dear Jana… “sharing is caring” “The best thing a human being can do is to help
    another human being know more.”​ are the lines I liked the most. Greatly appreciate your insight! Thanks for sharing and caring!

  3. Hi Jana,

    Thank you very much for spending your valuable time and sharing your knowledge with us. This series would be an excellent guide for anyone thinking to start investing on their own.

    Few questions – Do you usually go through all listed businesses on NYSE to identify the 100 businesses that you would like to own someday or follow any subscriptions or magazines ? Do you regularly follow any financial journals or news websites such as WSJ, FT ?

    Best Regards,

    • Balaji,

      Thanks for your comments.

      Go through the top holdings of Warren Buffett, Chuck Akre, Tom Gayner, Thomas Russo, Lou Simpson, etc from [http://www.dataroma.com/m/home.php]and study those companies. Apart from that you might know about some well run companies that are in your circle of competence. Add them to your list. Over time you will start to develop mental models of the business and industries the company operate in.


  4. @Jana, How old are you? And how long have you been practicing investing? I am disappointed in myself I found about you only today. The content on your blog is priceless. Its like you’ve been devouring all that knowledge – the depth and breadth is world class.. Instead of reading 1000’s of blogs and authors, I could read your blog in and out following pareto principle 🙂 Appreciate sharing wisdom. I am a wisdom seeker and think you’ve a lot to give to the world; though only a few will be able to comprehend it all.

  5. Hello Jana!

    Great work. I’m quite a fan of the way you simplify all the concepts and present them. Would love to meet you in person whenever you’re in India and it’s possible.

    I have a question – as a value investor, our primary job is to reduce the risk of permanent loss of capital on a portfolio level as a whole. How do you think we can eliminate/ reduce this risk? What are the factors that you would consider while eliminating this risk?

    Thanks and regards,

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