Lecture Notes Available on Kindle

I received a lot of positive feedback for my lecture notes on value investing. Some of you wanted to read the lecture notes on Kindle. Couple of hours back I published it on Kindle. Click here to purchase the Kindle version for $1.99. I wanted to give away the Kindle version for free. But Amazon doesn’t allow this and the minimum price to publish it on Kindle is $1.99. For each book sold I will receive a royalty fee of 70 cents [35 percent].

The proceeds I receive through the sale of this book will be donated to Dakshana Foundation. Some of the links to videos and other websites will not work properly in Kindle. If you are ok to read it off Kindle then you can download the PDF version of the book for free from here. Do you know who purchased the first copy? The author by paying $1.99.


10 thoughts on “Lecture Notes Available on Kindle

    • Hi Marieswaran,

      I spent sometime on Calibre and the format it produced was terrible. Amazon did an excellent job in converting it to a decent level. Plus chances of the lecture notes reaching more people is much higher in Amazon.


  1. Dear Jana,

    Thank you! Your blogs are always insightful.

    I will check out the free PDF version, even though I have an older Kindle, since screen size is not appealing, and there is no back lit in this model.

    Thanks again.

    Best regards Aroon


    • Aroon,

      You will be well served by the PDF version and printing it out and reading is the best choice.


  2. we can convert the pdf to kindle version by sending mail to our kindle id with message subject as”convert”…for free..

  3. I downloaded the pdf , used “send to kindle” app and now reading it on kindle. Thanks, you have explained the investing process in a very easy way

  4. Thanks Jana. 1.99$ is nothing for the wisdom you have imparted in these lectures. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you are doing. Hope you continue to find motivation and time to share your knowledge with the world. Thank you once again.

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