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  1. Superb , I had ready your analysis for Edelweiss , and from that day , I am a big fan of your analysis , and last few days , i was waiting for your analysis on some stock , as Indian markets have corrected

    Thank you again

  2. I have Kotak Mahindra bank since IPO and its around 29% CAGR , really amaze by power of compounding .
    Thanks for all post please continue your wonderful work

    • Thanks, Ashit. Glad to know that you held on to Kotak through thick and thin. Few questions out of curiosity.

      (1) Since the IPO how many times have you encountered the price correction of 40% and above? What are a few things that helped you to hold on instead of selling? Any lessons that you would like to share on long-term shareholding?

      (2) Return from IPO should have been higher than 29%. Am I missing something?


      • Thanks Jana for taking interest in my story ,my Folio is basically coffee can type lesson learnt on holding long term

        I am doing it since 1992 after reading some Quotes off Buffet (lucky to implement the quotes unlucky not to read it in details ) there was always pressure for everyone to book profit when market goes down but I stick to my philosophy and amaze by results
        Now since 3 years I am active investor and educating myself for why this happened, only add in my philosophy is review !(rolling ROIC)

        Small comments on financial businesses .. they have amazing capacity for Reinvestment for long time so it can create good compounding

        So one can learn in early age it can change your life

      • Thanks, Ashit. Holding on to winners makes the magic of compounding happen. Thanks for sharing your journey of holding and compounding.


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